Reliable Brands

We're proud to offer a selection of used cars that are reliable, safe, and affordable.  When you're shopping for a new car, you can't afford to make a mistake– which is why we exclusively focus on Subaru, Mazda, and Prius. We personally check, repair, and maintain each vehicle on our lot to bring you a product we can truly stand behind.

Don't see your dream car? Send us a message or give us a call so we can keep a look out and let you know if we're able to locate it in the future.



Buy Smarter

We are proud to sell only the highest quality cars we're able to find. Sometimes, this means selling cars with rebuilt titles. This is because we were tired of doing business the way that was typical in the industry– buying up cars rejected by dealerships– almost always resulted in untrustworthy vehicles. Instead, we started seeking out high-quality, well-functioning cars that insurance had deemed totaled (sometimes for as little a dent) and fixing them with the confidence that we know the vehicle's issues.


We back all our cars with a 30 day warranty, because while we're great at diagnosing and fixing cars, sometimes, driving a car day in and day out reveals issues we may have missed. We're happy to service any issues that arise in a car we sold you free of charge during this period. But being family run business, if there's something that we genuinely missed, we can be flexible about the warranty period. Anything to keep our customers happy!


$4,600 or More


$2,500 or Less